Blackrock Depths: Detention Block (Lower) and Shadowforge City (Upper)

Level Range: 47 – 61

Special LFD Notes:

If there IS NO Mole Machine just inside the entrance, you are in
BRD: Detention Block (Lower), you will only need to kill High Inquisitor Gerstahn. Bosses: 1 (2 & 3 optional)

If there IS a Mole Machine just inside the entrance, you are in
BRD: Shadowforge City (Upper)
, you will only need to kill Thaurissan. Teleport to ‘Just Past Grim Guzzler’ using the Mole Machine. Bosses: 8 – 11

The full guide is intended for achievement hunter and completionists to go all the way through from the beginning to the end of the instance.

Special Notes
: Blackrock Depths is a long instance- a really, really long instance. With 14 boss encounters (some encounters have more than one boss), expect to spend at least an hour clearing it.

Moving between the two maps of the instance (‘Detention Block’ and ‘Shadowforge City’) can be confusing. It helps to mentally break it into chunks if you want to remember how to get through it without a map.

Detention Block Part I (LFD: Detention Block): High Inquisitor Gerstahn, Lord Roccor, Houndmaster Grebmar, Grizzle.
Pass through the Ring of Law to get to Shadowforge City.

Shadowforge City Part I (LFD: Shadowforge City): (Optional: General Angerforge, Golem Lord Arglemach, the Grim Guzzler situation), Flamelash, the Summoner’s Tomb situation, Magmus, and Thaurissan.

Shadowforge & Detention Block Part II: Teleport out of the dungeon and then back in to get to the start of the instance. Take the Mole Machine to ‘Into The Domicile’ to hit the Black Vault situation, Incendius, and Bael’gar.

A ‘*’ on the map indicates quest activity.

Thanks to the many friends on Twitter who lent invaluable assistance to this instance.


Maps For Tanks: Blackrock Depths, Detention Block

Blackrock Depths: Detention Block (Part 1), Blackrock Mountain

Maps For Tanks: Blackrock Depths, Shadowforge City (Part 1)

Blackrock Depths: Shadowforge City (Part 1), Blackrock Mountain

Maps For Tanks: Blackrock Depths, Detention Block (Part 2)

Blackrock Depths: Detention Block (Part 2), Blackrock Mountain

Maps For Tanks: Blackrock Depths, Shadowforge Citya (Part 2)

Blackrock Depths: Shadowforge Citya (Part 2), Blackrock Mountain


  1. High Interrogator Gerstahn: Protected by two guards and two dogs. She casts shadow spells- a shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Mana Burnand Psychic Scream- and does melee damage.
  2. Lord Roccor: Pats around the Detention Block area. Clear out nearby mobs before you take him on. Performs melee damage with Flame and Earth Shocks, and a stun Ground Tremor.
  3. Houndmaster Grebmar: Two hound mobs surround him, and two hounds guard him. Try to pull and kill the independent groups of hounds to the left and right of the doorway before engaging him. He performs melee damage with Bloodlust and a Demoralizing Shout.
  4. Grizzle: Walk into the Ring of the Law to start the Ring of Law event. Grimstone opens the three gates surrounding you in succession to release waves of mobs. 1) about 10 Dark Screechers and 2) Grizzle, a large melee troll with Cleave, Frenzy, and Ground Tremor. When he is defeated, the door to the East Garrison will open, which leads to Shadowforge City.
    At the star on the map, unlock the Shadowforge Lock by clicking on it (it’s down a flight of stairs in front of you as you enter from the Ring of Law).
  5. General Angerforge: Surrounded by four guards. Take the guards out first- they’re easy- and then hit the General. He has an Enrage and Sunder Armor, and is melee. Immediately after his death, a mob of seven spawn. Take out the healers first.
  6. Golem Lord Argelmach: Just down the hall from Angerforge is Argelmach. He is guarded by two golems; first take the blue one out, then the pink one. Argelmach himself casts Chain Lightning and Shock and has a Lightning Shield. On to the Grim Guzzler!
  7. The Grim Guzzler Situation: There are four potential bosses in here, and you have multiple options for engaging them. You can
    a) Skip it: It’s long, hard, and difficult to explain to a PUG.
    b) Hurley Blackbreath / Plugger Spazzring / Ribbly Screwpot: Kill Hurley (break all the casks on the lower level to aggro him), Plugger (steal items off the table near him), and Ribbly (just talk to him) as part of both an Ally and Horde quest chain. Killing Plugger or Ribbly has always resulted in a completely aggro’d bar, in my experience.
    b) Private Rocknot Quest /Phalanx: Give Private Rocknot ale from Plugger until he freaks out and starts hitting the large casks, which summons Phalanx, an optional boss. Pull him into the hall outside the Grim to avoid aggro’ing the whole bar (you can do this without killing the other three bosses).
    Don’t fall off the edge of the hall like I did when I was running this instance while researching this map. Put yourself against the wall because Phalanx has a knockback that will throw you off the edge.
    If you fall off, either your group will have to come down and fight Lord Incendius with you, or you’ll have to die and use the Mole Machine transporter to get back.
    d) Leave without killing anyone
    Whatever you do, try not to aggro the whole bar at once.
    You won’t be able to get out once you start killing the three quest bosses. You have to either kill patrons so the guards open the door, perform the Rocknot quest to summon Phalanx, or kill Spazzring for the key.
  8. Ambassador Flamelash: Summons multiple waves of Burning Spirits. When they reach him, they give him a stacking major buff that has no upper limit that I could see. Assign a DPS to kill the spirits before they reach him, and try to burn him down quickly.
  9. Summoner’s Tomb: Challenge Doom’rel to awaken the other seven bosses. They aggro in order on a timer, NOT as the previous boss dies, so kill them quickly: Anger’el (warrior), Seeth’rel (mage), Dope’rel (rogue), Gloom’rel (warrior), Vile’rel (shadow priest), Hate’rel (warlock), Doom’rel (warlock)
  10. Magmus: In the Lyceum, look for the Flamekeepers (red hair, reddish clothing) to get two flames with which to light the two braziers near the door. All the mobs in the room respawn extremely quickly. When Magmus is engaged, golems in the recessed corners will blow fire into the room. Magmus casts Fiery Burst, electrical, and melee damage.
  11. Emperor Dagran Thaurissan and Princess Moira Bronzebeard: Avoid killing Moira Bronzebeard, who will become friendly after Thaurissen is dead. Thaurissen uses Avatar of Flame to become immune to magic damage (he gets larger when this is in effect), and can cast a HoT on himself. There is no need to do a full clear of his throne room.
  12. The Black Vault: Teleport out of the instance and back in to get to the entrance. Take the Mole Machine to ‘Into the Domicile’ and go up the stairs to your right. Clear out the anteroom and engage Warder Stilgiss and Verek. Stilgiss is a frost mage; I take him out first, personally. Open all of the vaults (requiring 12 Relic Coffer keys) to spawn Watchman Doomgrip when the last one is opened. The statues in the room will immediately come to life and start attacking you as well. When he dies, a special slot will open under the final vault to reveal the Heart of the Mountain and a secret safe.
    Just Because BRD Isn’t Confusing Enough: When you read the plaque under the Dark Keeper’s portrait, located just outside the vault room, one of six Dark Keepers will spawn somewhere randomly in the instance, and drops the key to the big Dark Coffer. The name and location of the Dark Keeper who spawned is on the plaque.
  13. Fineous Darkvire: Throws bombs and is protected by three dwarf craftsmen and a golem. Also uses Kick and Holy Strike for major damage; take him and the golem out first.
  14. Lord Incendius: Guards the Black Anvil, if you happen to be an interested Blacksmith. Casts Firy Burst, Firestorm, and Firy Volley, and can knock you off the platform. Put your back against the anvil and push him as close to the edge as you can.
  15. Bael’gar: Summons multiple Spawn of Bael’gars; try to get them down quickly and then go back to hitting Bael’gar. If you don’t have the key to get there from Incendius, just zone out and back in, and run to him from the entrance.

Warrior Says…

If you can finish a full-clear BRD with the same party members you came in with, you can call yourself a real tank.

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Stratholme: Service Entrance (The Gauntlet)

Level Range: 46-56

Special Notes: Stratholme consists of two instances, the Main Entrance (also known as Crusader Square) and the Service Entrance (also known as The Gauntlet), referring to the location of their instance entrance in Eastern Plaguelands. Both are somewhat complex instances due to their size.

Stratholme: Service Entrance houses six official bosses, and is populated primarily by mixed groups of elite and non-elite undead mobs. Bosses 1, 2, and 3 must be killed to unlock the gate to Baron Rivendare, the final boss.

Quest pickup is marked with a ‘*’.


Maps For Tanks: Stratholme Service Entrance

Stratholme: Service Entrance, Eastern Plaguelands


  1. Baroness Anastari: Upon entering the instance, Magistrate Barthilas will raise an alarm, which can be ignored for now. Head to the Baroness and clear the trash around her. She casts fear and a Silence with ranged DPS. After killing her, the doors behind her will open; go in and down to kill the acolytes.
  2. Nerub’enkan: Shoots scarabs at you, summons scarabs, and has a web snare. Again, kill acolytes in the room behind him upon his death.
  3. Maleki the Pallid: Ranged frost spells, drain life, and a snare. Again, kill the acoltes in the room behind him when he dies.
  4. Magistrate Barthilas: Melee DPS with a major knockback. Put yourself between him and the back wall of his cove so you don’t get knocked halfway through the instance. Each hit increases his Furious Anger buff, so try to burn him down quickly.
  5. Ramstein: Pull a Venom Belcher at a time into the entrance to avoid aggroing multiple belchers. Burn down the slimes they eject before moving on to the next target. Ramstein will come out immediately after the last one is killed, so prep before burning the final Belcher. He is mainly melee with a knock up. After Ramstein is dead, multiple waves of small skeletons/zombies come out. When they are down, five Black Guard Sentries come out of the Baron’s ziggurat.
  6. Lord Aurius Rivendare: When you engage Baron Rivendare, the door will close quickly behind you. Ensure the party moves together into his room. He uses melee damage and a shadow aura, summons skeletons and uses Death Pact on them (so kill them off), and casts Shadow Bolts.

Druid Says…

You run sixteen Stratholmes, and what do you get?
Another day older and no mount or pet.
St. Metzen don’t you call me ’cause I ain’t done yet-
I sold my soul fo’ reins of a dead hooooorse.

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Level Range: 44-54

Special Notes: Zul’Farrak is quite long, but as it is outdoors, allows the use of mounts throughout. Many of the bosses can be skipped if desired by the group and/or killed in any order. The quests given at the entrance require the death of all of the bosses, so all are mapped here.

The instance achievement is gained by killing Chief Ukorz Sandscalp.

The purple two-handed  sword Sul’thraze the Lasher can be made by combining two in-instance drops: Jang’thraze the Protector and Sang’thraze the Deflector.

A * indicates non-boss quest objectives.


Maps For Tanks: Zul'Farrak

Zul’Farrak, Tanaris


  1. * Theka the Martyr: Not technically a boss, Theka the Martyr is a quest objective mini-boss. Try to prevent the use of AoE spells, as they will aggro the many level 47 scarabs around him.
  2. Antu’sul: Calls nearby basilisks to assist him, throws down totems, and snares. Assign one DPS to bring down the totems. Near the end of the fight, he summons Servants of Antu’sul, which are stronger basilisks.
  3. Witch Doctor Zum’rah: Summons troll zombies, skeletons, and totems. Assign a DPS to the totems. Focus on Zum’rah and on interrupting his summoning spell, if anyone in the group has an interrupt.
  4. Sandfury Executioner / Nekrum Gutchewer / Shadowpriest Sezz’iz: Carefully and completely clear out the area in front of the temple steps. Kill the Sandfury Executioner at the top of the steps (melee damage dealer), and release the prisoners from the cages. This begins a two-boss event at the bottom of the stairs and spawns a large number of trolls. Wait at the top of the stairs and kill the waves that run up. Move forward when the prisoners do, and try not to aggro the bosses until you have killed all the trolls. Tank ‘n’ spank the bosses with the help of the prisoners. Watch for new mobs of trolls. Bonus: You can talk to Sergeant Bly to aggro him and the other prisoners.
  5. Hydromancer Velratha / Gahz’rilla: Velratha pats around the pool, so wait for her to pat away before clearing mobs near the door. Tank ‘n’ spank and watch for additional mob pats. Clear out any desired remaining mobs before ringing the Gong of Zul’Farrak to summon Gahz’rilla, who spawns on the far side of the pool. He spits icicles, freezes, and has a big knockback.
  6. Ruuzlu / Chief Ukorz Sandscalp: Carefully clear all basilisk and snake mobs before engaging the two bosses, both melee damage dealers. Ukorz has a Frenzy effect.

Death Knight Says…

A tank and his group walk into a bar. The tank says, “I’ll take a pint, and I’ll buy one for the highest DPS I’ve seen today.”

The bartender shakes his head and says, “I’m sorry sir, but you can only drink one at a time.”

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Stratholme: Main Gate (Crusader’s Square)

Level Range: 42 – 52

Special Notes: Stratholme consists of two instances, the Main Entrance (also known as Crusader Square) and the Service Entrance (also known as The Gauntlet), referring to the location of their instance entrance in Eastern Plaguelands. Both are somewhat complex instances due to .

Stratholme: Main Entrance includes four official bosses and two commonly killed high-level elites which guard quest items, and is populated primarily by mixed groups of elite and non-elite undead mobs. The instance also includes a series of mailboxes, which- if all tampered with- produce an additional boss, Postmaster Malorne.

Four of the quests picked up at the entrance refer to bosses which are not marked with skulls on the map (“bosses” 1, 2, 3, and 6 on this list), and may be skipped or included at the discretion of the tank or group.

As if all that weren’t enough, an Eye of Naxxramas ghoul patrols the area, and will call in additional forces if he catches you.

Oh, and the non-aggressive Spectral Citizens will totally attack you if you use AoE. Enjoy!

Quest pickup is marked with a *. Mailboxes are marked with blue circles.

Special thanks to the excellent help of intrepid Tsu Tain Guu Faitaa members, who kindly guided assisted with the Stratholme: Main Gate guide.


Stratholme Main Gate Map (c) Maps For Tanks

Stratholme: Main Gate, Eastern Plaguelands


  1. Stratholme Courier and Fras Siabi: The quest box ‘Premium Siabi Tobacco is at the *. Clicking on it (after killing the courier) will summon Fras Siabi, who has Flame Breath and Morph. AFter killing Siabi, clicking on the nearby mailbox and then clicking again on the package within will summon three Undead Postmen.
  2. The Unforgiven: As you walk under the archway, The Unforgiven and several phantasms will spawn. There is a mailbox just before (or after, depending on which way you go around the circle) you get to The Unforgiven; clicking on the mailbox once again spawns Undead Postmasters.
  3. Timmy the Cruel: A quest mini-boss.
  4. Postmaster Malown: When you click on the final, third mailbox, Postmaster Malown spawns along with three Undead Postmen. Try to clear out nearby mobs before engaging.
  5. Commander Malor: Has a hard-hitting melee and Shadow spells. Don’t forget to open Malor’s Strongbox after dispatching him.
  6. Risen Hammersmith: Picking up the Blacksmithing Plans will summon this mini-boss.
  7. Willey Hopebreaker: Summons an increading number of defenders at the end of the hall who can cause a great deal of damage. If one person mans the cannons, they can be shot at before running down the hall and engaging the tank.
  8. Instructor Galford: Casts AoE fire damage, Burning Winds and a directed Pyroblast. Don’t forget to loot the painting behind him for the quest item.
  9. Balnazzar: Casts a number of player control spells- Sleep, Domination, and Psychic Scream, along with shadow damage spells. After downing Balnazzar, two of the quest-givers from the entrance will spawn in the room and one will spawn just outside the room, eliminating the need to run all the way back.

Druid Says…
Timmy, y u so cruel?
Who hurt you, Timmy?

Who hurt you?

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Dire Maul: Gordok Commons (North)

Level Range: 42 – 52

Special Notes: Dire Maul is a large compound consisting of three instances. The hardest instance in the group is Gordok Commons, also known as Dire Maul: North.

Dire Maul North has a unique mechanism, by which the fourth and fifth bosses can be pacified rather than fought (see boss notes for more details). In the second half of the instance, the Wandering Eye of Kilrogg will summon Netherwalkers to attack you if it gets close.

This instances is mainly populated by Gordok Ogres, and its completion awards you the buff ‘King Of the Gordok’ for one hour, which makes all the Ogres friendly to the PC. Rare boss spawns are possible in the Gordok’s Seat arena.

Quest pickup is marked with a *.


Dire Maul North Gordok Commons Map (c) Maps For Tanks

Dire Maul: Gordok Commons (North), Feralas


  1. Guard Mol’dar: Clear out nearby mobs and wait for a patting Mage to walk to you on the bottom/middle of the stairs before engaging Mol’dar. Lots of mastiffs surround him, and it’s hard to kill them all without engaging the boss. His Frenzy at about 25% health calls in nearby mastiffs.
  2. Stomper Kreeg the Drunk: His Booze Spit reduces hit rating by 75%, and has a Frenzy and Drunken Rage. Fighting him long enough causes ‘drunk’ effect. If you watch long enough, he’ll bust out some excellent dance moves.
  3. Guard Fengus: Guard Fengus pats around the plaza, which has multiple mob groups. Clear out as many as you can before engaging the boss; he has a pushing attack that can push you into remaining mobs.
  4. Guard Slip ‘kik: SPECIAL NOTE: This boss can be killed as per usual, or he can be lured over an trap and kept on ice indefinitely (sorry). It can be extremely difficult to communicate what you’re going to do to a PUG, however, and I’ve found they generally tend to taunt and kill Slip ‘kik while you’re trying to explain. NON-KILL VERSION: Wait for Slip ‘kik to pat away. Kill the mob in front of the fire. Pick up the quest from the goblin Knot Thimblejack (‘The Gordok Ogre Suit’). Click on the trap to activate it. When Slip ‘kik comes around again, taunt him from the far side of the trap. When he runs over it, he’ll be frozen but not killed. D’oh!
  5. Captain Kromcrush: You may kill Kromcrush as normal, or NON-KILL VERSION: If you trapped Slip’kik in ice earlier… Go up the stairs and pick up the Orc Tannin, if desired (this will summon a Gordok Bushwhacker in addition to the existing mobs). Go back down to the goblin and get the Ogre Suit. Run up the stairs and down the hall until you see Captain Kromcrush. Put on the ogre suit either before or after you kill the mob in front of him (the suit doesn’t work on them, apparently). Talk to Kromcrush, who will then leave. Kill the mobs on your way to…
  6. King Gor’dok and Cho’Rush the Observer: Take out the patting group of mastiffs first. Gor’dok has Bloodlust and a big push attack, and Cho’Rush is a fire mage. If you take out Gor’dok first, Cho’Rush will stop attacking and summon Mizzle the Crafty, who awards you the buff ‘King of the Gordok’.

Paladin Says…

It’s good to be King, baby!

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Razorfen Downs

Level Range: 40 – 50

Special Notes: Razorfen Downs is a fairly straightforward instance with five bosses, populated by quillboars and undead, with a mid-instance escort quest (which can be skipped if time is an issue).

The ‘*’ indicates a quest pick-up.


Razorfen Downs: Maps For Tanks

Razorfen Downs, Thousand Needles


  1. Tuten’kash: Clear out the mobs in the room before ringing the gong. The first and second rings summons a load of Tomb Fiends. The third ring summons Tuten’kash. If any of the Tomb Fiends escape down the hallway, you won’t be able to ring the gong until you’ve tracked them down and killed them.
  2. Belnistrasz  / Plaguemaw the Rotting (Escort Quest): Mobs spawn for four minutes (about 8 mobs), after which the boss, Plaguemaw the Rotting, spawns. Don’t forget to loot the brazier that spawns upon Belnistrasz’s departure. Run back the way you came to the entrance of the Murder Pens.
  3. Mordresh Fire Eye: A skeleton mage surrounded by skeleton mobs. Pulling any of the mob skeletons will aggro Mordresh; his main spell is shooting fireballs.
  4. Glutton: Another boss surrounded by mobs; try to time your first pull so that you clear out as many mobs as possible while Glutton is patting away from you. Glutton has a DoT Disease Cloud and a Frenzy at about 10% health.
  5. Amnennar the Coldbringer: Lich with frost spells. Summons Frost Spectre mobs. Koristrasza the dragon will cast a weaken spell on him near the start of the fight if you have saved Belnistrasz.

Warrior Says…

There’s no shame in hiding under a pile of corpses so they can’t see your map animation.

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Dire Maul: Capital Gardens (West)

Level Range: 34-44

Special Notes: Dire Maul is a large compound consisting of three instances. The second-hardest instance is the Capital Gardens Quarter, also known as Dire Maul: West.

In order to access the door that lies beyond Tendris Warpwood, you must ‘turn off’ three large, blue crystal pylons by killing the Mana Remnants guarding them. Each pylon is marked with a *.


Dire Maul: Capital Gardens, Feralas

Dire Maul: Court, Feralas

Dire Maul: Prison of Immol’thar and Athenaeum, Feralas


  1. Magister Kalendris: Casts Shadow spells, including Shadowform. He’s easier with more non-melee DPS.
  2. Illyanna Ravenoak & Ferra: Take out Illyanna first, since she’s ranged. Ferra performs a Swipe. Retrace your steps back down the stairs and out into the main courtyard again to get to…
  3. Tendris Warpwood: Performs an (endless) series of Entangles and summons tree minions. His Trample hits hard; try to avoid it. He also has a big knockback.
  4. Immol’thar: Again, you’ll need to ‘turn off ‘the two guarding pylons. They are marked on the Prison map with a *. First, kill the night elves surrounding Immol’thar. When they’re dead, he’ll become aggressive. The boss continually summons ‘Eyes of Immol’thar’; try to take them out as soon as you see them (they’re easy to kill).
  5. Prince Tortheldrin: Casts a Summon that teleports the target player in front of the boss. Mainly, he’s just very fast melee. After his death, don’t forget to loot the chest under the stairs behind you if you’ve completed that quest.

Paladin Says…

Night elves?! More like SUCKY elves, amirite?

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Dire Maul: Warpwood Quarter (East)

Level Range: 36-46

Special Notes: Dire Maul is a large compound consisting of three instances. The first instance is the Warpwood Quarter, also known as Dire Maul: East and is mainly populated by evil trees and satyrs.

The Warpwood Quarter also hosts a reverse-excort quest, in which the party chases a small imp, Pusillin, through the first section of the instance. Pusillin isn’t technically a boss, but he’s the focus of a very common in-instance quest.

At the * symbol, talk to Ironbark the Redeemer to open the door to the Shrine of Eldretharr.

Following Pusillin and an easy layout makes this arguably the most straightforward of the Dire Maul instances to navigate.


Maps For Tanks: Dire Maul, Warpwood Quarter

Dire Maul: Warpwood Quarter, Feralas

Maps For Tanks: Dire Maul, Shrine of Eldretharr

Dire Maul: Shrine of Eldretharr, Feralas


  1. Pusillin The Thief: Follow Pusillin and keep talking to him to move him forward. Follow him up to his platform, where he’ll turn agressive. He spawns multiple imps immediately and shoots Fireballs. Don’t forget to loot his corpse for the quest item.
  2. Lethendris & Pimgib: Lethendris has Shadow and Fire spells, but she also casts Enlarge on Pimgib. Kill Pimgib first.
  3. Hydrospawn: Has a pushback; summons water minions.
  4. Zevrim Thornhoof: Uses Shadow spells and melee. His Sacrifice spell binds a party member to the stone altar. After defeating him, jump off the ledge behind the bonfire to continue on.
  5. Alzzin the Wildshaper: Clear out the three groups of lashers before engaging the boss. He has a big knockback, a slow, and can shapeshift into a dire wolf and a tree. He summons a number of imps from the wall behind him and any of the lashers that you didn’t clear out beforehand.When he’s dead, don’t forget to use the Sealed Reliquary, if you’re on that quest.

Druid Says…

Hey, Corrupted Lashers, it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault, man.

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Level Range: 38-48

Special Notes: Scholomance can be very confusing, and with 12 bosses in a full clear, it’s rather long.

Scholomance has lots of large, square rooms with a number of mobs scattered within the room. Watch your line of sight pulls, and particularly take care that ranged DPS don’t accidentally pull (or if they can’t help it, be ready to pick up an extra mob).

If you turn on nameplates (enabled by default with the ‘V’ key), you can see mobs under the floor in many locations, giving you an idea of what’s coming.

Boss 4, Vectus and Marduk, are not actually ‘bosses’ but are part of an in-instance quest chain, and so are included as pseudo-bosses.

Headmaster Gandling is the last boss needed to complete the LFD requirement; however, if you wish to continue onward you can take out an additional boss, Ras Frostwhisper, for the achievement.

The * symbol represents the location of quest items.


Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, The Reliquary

Scholomance: The Reliquary, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, Chamber of Summoning

Scholomance: Chamber of Summoning, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tank: Scholomance, The Headmaster's Study

Scholomance: The Headmaster’s Study, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, Barov Family Vault

Scholomance: Barov Family Vault, Western Plaguelands


  1. Kirtonos the Herald: Summon the boss by lighting the Brazier of the Herald. Shapeshifts from Undead to bat.
  2. Jandice Barov: Splits into multiple illusions of herself that all attack you. The illusion resets your target, so try to find her again (nameplates are helpful here) or make a macro: /tar Jandice Barov.
  3. Rattlegore: Clear out as many Risen Constructs as you can without pulling Rattlegore. He hits hard and has a knockback ability.
  4. Vectus & Marduk Blackpool: Use the Reliquary on the platform with Vectus and Marduk.  It will aggro V and M and turn the students into skeletons. Vectus has AoE flame abilities; kill him first.
  5. Lorekeeper Polkelt: Clear out the six rooms to the north, east, and south- on BOTH levels- of the Headmaster’s Study to summon the the Headmaster. All are pretty much tank and spank.
  6. Dr. Theolen Krastinov: Has a knockdown.
  7. Instructor Malicia: Casts a slow and Corruption. Can self-heal.
  8. Lady Illucia Barov: Casts a Silence.
  9. Lord Alexei Barov:  Casts  Immolate, Veil of Shadow.
  10. The Ravenian: Has a Trample and knockback.
  11. Darkmaster Gandling (The Headmaster): Appears in the Study when all six rooms surrounding him have been cleared. Hits very hard and casts Arcane Missles frequently. Has a Shadow Shield.
  12. Ras Frostwhisper: Clear the room before engaging Ras. Has multiple frost spells, including a slow (Freeze) and an AoE (Frostbolt Volley). Also casts Fear (you DID clear out the room, right?)

Warrior Says…

Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear not, for I can always blame wipes on the healer.

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Level Range: 35-45

Special Notes: Uldaman is fairly straightforward, but it is quite long, with 8 potential bosses.

PLEASE NOTE: After you complete Boss 6 (Grimlock), you can run back to the map room and summon Ironaya as an additional boss. It’s not required, but her death gives a quest to kill Archaedas. There is no path drawn on the map back to the map room, but you can just retrace your steps back to Boss 4.


Maps For Tank: Uldaman, Hall of the Keepers

Uldaman: Hall of the Keepers, The Badlands

Maps For Tanks: Uldaman, Khaz'Goroth's Seat

Uldaman: Khaz’Goroth’s Seat, The Badlands


  1. Olaf, Eric ‘The Swift’, and Baelog: When you pull one, you pull them all. Olaf is tank-ish, Baelog is ranged, and Eric has a fastrun ability. Kill Baelog first to stop his ranged attacks, then Olag, then Eric. You no longer need the medallion from the table.
  2. Revelosh: Pulling his guards will pull him. Shoots Lightning Bolts.
  3. Ancient Stone Keeper: Has a movement slowing effect. Pats sometimes enter from the hallway just off his platform.
  4. Obsidian Sentinel: Has Spell Reflection. Spawns Obsidian Shard guardians, but shrinks.
  5. Galgann Firehammer: Clear out the room before pulling him and his two guards. Has fire spells; run away when he starts to cast Fire Nova.
  6. Grimlock: Pulls with two guards and a basilisk. Has lightning spells and a Shrink.
  7. *Ironaya: Has a knockback ability does melee damage.
  8. Archaedas: Can be a tough fight, but it’s been toned down a bit. Channel the altar. Archaedas will come to life. He brings the small Earthen Shapers along the edge of the room to life one by one. He then wakes the guardians along the inner circle. He then wakes the big stone guardians in front of the doors. Throughout, he continues to pull small guardians from the edge of the room.

Death Knight Says…

You know what takes care of those Dark Iron Dwarves? Blood Boil! Hahahahahahahahahaha, suckerrrrs.

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